Friday, September 23, 2011

32 weeks

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Wow.  32 weeks.

I'm starting to feel the crunch!  Two months until guesstimated baby day.
I'm excited.  I'm nervous, in a good way.
Will this birth be like the last one?  Like the one before?  Something entirely different?


Look at the "then and now we have going on here.  I think maybe I notice a difference?

This pregnancy doesn't feel quite like the other ones.  Not different in a bad way, though.  I guess baby's movement feels different to me.  I'm all about trying to guess what position my baby is in using information, and I'm having a hard time figuring it out this time.  Seems like last time, I was pretty sure of baby's position most of the time (and confirmed by midwife assessment).  Measurements for belly seem pretty right on.  My weight gain is within normal range for me.  I guess time will tell!  I hear third babies are always different from the first two.

My To-Do list is growing, but I'm also knocking things off of it pretty regularly.  The one thing I'm not doing?  The quilt for which I've had material for the past 3 years (before N was born).  This quilt is supposed to be delivered in about a month to the recipient (my deadline).  It should be pretty easy to do - I just need to do it!

I've started to finally get on the treadmill more regularly.  It took too long to get back to it, but some is better than none.  I feel pretty good when I'm going at a good pace - about 3 mph - instead of strolling slowly.  Not as fast as my non-pregnant pace, but it's where it feels right.

Jude and I are working on a series of maternity photos, a couple hours at a time on the weekends.  I've never done them before, but I thought it would be fun, and it gives him a willing model on which to try different lighting techniques, settings, and photography knowledge.  A win for both of us!

We did go a little overboard in getting some nice maternity clothes for the photo shoot, but so far, I'm pleased with what we're getting.  Most of them will not be posted anywhere on the internet.  Just saying.  Some of them reveal more of me that I would be comfortable posting on, well, anything where a creep could steal a belly shot and put it in the mix on a pregnancy porn website. Yes, such things do exist, and people do get regular ol' 'I took a bare belly (but nothing else bare!) picture with my phone to share with friends on my blog/forum/other internet place' pictures stolen.

Anyway. Once we're done, I plan on picking out a few to post here. The rest will only be available in person, in printed form, for me to share.  Which I will, because hey, I think they're nice!  Still, though, I have to keep in mind that I didn't start out pregnancy tall and skinny, so I shouldn't expect photos of my pregnant self to reflect what I am not.  I still think that I can get photos that capture me, even if I'm not the media's standard of ideal.

After birthing babies, I kind of don't have problems with people seeing my body. It's a body, created by God, maintained by me. I don't need to flaunt it around or make it someone else's sexual object, but showing a breast or a nipple isn't anything my modesty can't handle.

And now for Picture Day in, uh... pictures.  Most of them taken by Nathanael.  Except for the one in which he is crying, because he wanted to take more pictures.

I luvs baby Cakes!

I put the camera on a tripod at the right height for him, and set it on automatic. He figured out how to look through the view finder and was getting a kick out of my antics. His sister didn't get the "look through the camera" until just a year ago.

And here's where we were putting the room back in order (we have guests sleeping in this room this week), and Nathanael protests the interruption of photo-taking.

"Say cheese!"

On of the few pictures where "Bess" wasn't hiding from his camera.

Mama, slouching on the couch. Don't mock the old lady couch and blanket going on there. A gift is a gift, and I have free furniture, so I'm not going to protest.  Except that Elizabeth has been jumping on the couch, so now it squeaks and annoys me, and I want a new couch only for that reason.


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