Thursday, September 15, 2011

homebirth preparation: birth binder or notebook

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One thing that has helped me prepare for labor and birth this time around is creating a pregnancy and birth binder.  I'm including quite a few things that in previous births have been scattered around in various books and places.  Organizing them all together helps me feel like I know where I am in the process of preparation.

Here are the things I'm including in my birth binder. I'll be posting about a few of these things in greater detail in the coming weeks.

Birth Supplies - things to have on hand, at midwife request or personal preference
Prenatal Records - my copy belly maps - for recording the position of the baby
Labor To-Do - things to get out or prepare for birth, things to do in early labor.
Helps for Labor - suggestions on coping techniques that I think may be especially helpful, reminders
Hospital Transfer Plan, including directions, maps, and phone numbers
Birth Plan Preferences - specifically for transfer
Post-Labor preferences for home

This list may grow, but it's a place for me to organize my thoughts, and have those thoughts in written form for Jude and my birth team to reference, if needed.


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