Tuesday, September 27, 2011

planning another 5k

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Me, at my first 5k, running the last stretch to the finish line, and waving at Nathanael, who couldn't quite figure out what was going on or where to see me.

I am again planning to walk/run a 5k in April - the same one I ran/walked last year. I'm not aiming incredibly high - I don't care if I do better than my time last year, since I won't be in the same condition that I was last year.  Plus, I'll likely be pushing a baby in a stroller, and might need to stop for a nursing break or something like that.

It seems a little crazy to be planning now to run a race in the future, especially when in middle of my last trimester of pregnancy. Who knows what will happen between now and then (except, you know, birthing a baby). At the same time, though, planning to run the race (and rallying family and friends to run it, too!) is a motivation to get me back in shape after pregnancy.  Assuming baby Cakes shows up near guessdate, then the race will be 5 months after birth. That gives me a month or two to heal up, and then about 3 months to start warming my body back into walking (maybe even some running?) a distance of 3.5 miles.

Previous pregnancies, it's taken me 9+ months to really get motivated or moving on loosing baby weight.  With an externally established deadline, I have a target.

It's a goal, and one to which I am looking forward. That, and a reason for new running shoes.


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