Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nathanael says

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Some things coming out of the boy's mouth (he's 2.5):

This morning at 6 am, crawling into bed on 'daddy's side': "Daddy has nee-nees?" Clearly he did not realize it was Mama helping him onto the bed. Seriously, the boy is obsessed with nee-nees (breasts) and mee-puls (nipples).  That's just fair warning to all females that might encounter him.

The VeggieTales theme song.  It's stuck in his brain.

Telling jokes (thanks Jacob!) such as "Chicken cross road?" Why? "Because, (big pause) other side!"
 Or, "Knock, knock!" who's there? "Banana Nathanael!" (cue his fake laugh.)

"Bum," which could mean some, gum, come.  So, when he want's some gum, it's "bum bum."

"Good Morning!" (Doe mo-nee!) all bright and cheerful upon waking.  Sometimes.

Barking and meowing.  He can't decide if he's a dog or a cat.

Car noises.  Including the sound of shifting gears.

"Hi, Mama!"


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