Wednesday, September 29, 2010

14/14 week 2

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What is up with two weeks of no scale progress?!  I added exercise to my routine, (about 30 minutes of treadmill walking each day, at 3 - 3.5 mph, 0 incline.)  I know that's not a whole lot of calories burned, but surely a half a pound, maybe?  Perhaps I increased my food intake by little bits without even realizing it, such that my burned calories are being counteracted.

All told, last week was a bust in terms of numbers on the scale, but a total win in terms of getting exercise to be part of the routine!  During week 2, I exercised all 5 week days!

Food was a challenge during week 2.  I did reasonably well during the week, but we were traveling and visiting family over the weekend, and I ate mindlessly.  I think I had something like 4 oreos, 2 chocolate chip cookies, 2 pumpkin pie bites, a few handfuls of candy corn, meatballs, cheese and sausage and crackers as I walked by the food table....Oh, and I finally "bit it" and had a caramel apple, just to prove to myself that my teeth would not be pulled out upon taking a bite! Maybe all that eating is where my pounds went!

I can already see that this fall will be a mine field.  I love desserts. And sweets. and breads and muffins, and cookies.  T'is the Season.  For something like 3 months.

This week: I'm kicking up the intensity.  I'll be increasing the incline substantially, since that really gets my heart going, and the "glow" flowing.  I'm also going to be focusing on intentional eating - not blind snacking, or taking seconds without pausing for a while, or stuffing myself because there is food handy.

If I were in the military, I'd say something like "ooo-ah"  or "boo-yah."  But I'm not.  So I won't.

Funny exercise stories -

Nathanael likes to try to get on the treadmill with me.  Not safe.  But so far, all he does is sneak up beside me, hold on the the rail, and slide one toe on to the belt.  Sometimes he likes to challenge me by throwing a ball at the top of the belt, just to give me an additional target. 

Elizabeth usually asks me if I'm going to exercise when she sees the shoes and the clothes.  She says exercise in a way that I can't really phonetically transcribe. Then she wants to exercise with me.  Unfortunately, the treadmill is not a place for kids to play.  However, about part way through my walk, I sometimes will slow the speed to the lowest setting - .5 miles per hour, and hold on the kids as they take turns walking, or sitting, or whatever on the belt. Gets them of my back (belt?) for a enough time to finish out the workout.

I keep a glass of water with me, and N will approach me, and point repeated at my water until I hand it over, where upon he will take a sip, and then take it to E, so she can have one, too.


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