Thursday, September 09, 2010


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At this moment, N is sitting on the floor playing with a flashlight, and E is playing with binoculars.

E is quite the chatterbox.  Seriously.  You might not know it if you're new to her.  But at home? Constant stream of sound emerging from her mouth.  Singing, playing outloud, asking the same question repeatedly. Shrieking as she runs down the hallway playing with her brother.

Unfortunately, I find this obnoxious half the time, especially when she's pestering her brother.  I love her, AND she's 3.  My tolerance for noises has always been pretty low.  My mom can testify to that.

My brothers knew how to push my buttons by making mouth noises.  In college, I choose to leave the dorms after my second year and move to a private (and more expensive!) housing option because the constant thumping of bass and noisy people was driving me up the wall.  I mean, like, I got an A MINUS when I was living there.  Totally threw my GPA. Whistling (unless I'm the one doing it) grates on my nerves.  Clicking sounds, tapping sounds, children shrieking.  All those things try my patience.

But back to the kids.

I love 'em. They're cute.  I wish there was a volume adjustment.  Or a mute button.

Unrelatedly - can I just say how cute E is when she is explaining something to me?  I see my own communication habits mirrored and exaggerated. Every other word is follow by "because" as she strings together her stream of thought.

She just asked me if she can have milk, and lots and lots of cookies. Yes. Follow by a loud" Yay! yay-yay!  I'm so pleased!!"

And N.  Super cute!  Comedian. I can blame two of his uncles, who both have the initials JM.  He is such a goof during meals.  He has taken to squeezing fists so tight his arms shake.  He takes a bite, closes his eyes and leans back while rubbing his belly, chest and head in demonstration of his pleasure at eating.

He's been dragging around this dog riding toy we have (looks like a tall dauschund - improbable, I know.)  He pulls it behind him by the ball nose.

He is communicating more effectively, too.  This morning when I was making the oatmeal, he leaned over to blow on the steam rising from the pot.  He closes his hand and says "Ha-T!" while gesturing at the oven. I think maybe we have found his nursing word - "ba." Usually accompanied by him smacking my chest. Of course, other words sound the same - bed, ball. How do I know they're different? They don't involve chest smacking.

And now, at this moment, E is playing with my old my little ponies, and N is wandering around with a toddler sized bomber jacket.  Just cause you're a boy doesn't mean you don't like dress up.  Even if it includes wearing your sister's pink princess crown.


Crozierette said...

LOVED this post Carrie! Also wondering how in the world you made it growing up with my husband. He is constantly tapping, clicking, singing, ect. I am kind of amazed you let him get this far in life with the noise level that he alone produces constantly! Anyway, thank you for letting him continue as I somehow really like your kid brother, even with the noise. :)

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