Friday, September 03, 2010

hello autumn!

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On Wednesday, I was driving down the highway and it struck me: Summer is over.  Autumn is here.  It was cool, overcast, the corn in the fields is no longer green.

That is what fall feels like for me.  I always think of overcast days.  Oddly enough, I don't smell the change of the season in the air just yet.  I'm sure that will be here shortly.

So many things to look forward to:

Preserving food: apples, grapes, and whatever else
Eating food: pumpkin muffins!
Cutting and hauling wood: I love the sound of a chainsaw at 7 am, the smell of fresh cut wood
Leaves crunching under my feet.
Jeans and t-shirt weather.
High school football. Marching bands.
Fall Festivals for the next two months.

So many wonderful things.

If I could have gotten married in the fall, I would have - October 8 was my ideal day.  I got December instead, but that's alright, since it was the man I married that mattered most.

I love the upcoming season! 


Charlotte said...

Fall is my absolute favorite season! I get giddy just thinking about hitting the apple orchard with my kids:) Unfortunately winter always follows fall and I don't do well with the winters here in Minnesota (too dark, too long) but let's not focus on that right now - I'm just enjoying fall! Yay sweaters!!

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