Monday, September 20, 2010

he moos!

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all photos copyright Jude Vickery

Nathanael has had an explosion in language this past week. He just hit 18 months yesterday - happy birthday, boy!

He began with breakfast. His first two-syllable word where the syllable are different (as opposed to Mama, Nana, Papa) Although, I guess he says Da-dee, and Balloon (baoon) was his first word, but everything else has been monosyllabic. Now he's adding them to his regular repertoire.

He has been attempting words if you ask "Can you say ____?"

His words:
Breakfast (beh-fa)
Banana (ba-na)
Pizza (Pee-sa)
Hot Dog (Ha-da)
Elizabeth (garbled -beh)
Grandma (garbled - ma)
Grandpa (garbled -ba)
Randy (dan-dee, sounds like daddy sometimes)
button (buh-uhn)

He is labeling body parts - peen, bom, beh-bun, but I'll refrain from indicating the official two-syllable designations in an effort to avoid unfortunate search engine results.

I know there are other words, but I keep forgetting them.

Animal sounds:
I asked what a cow says. "MOOOOOOO!!!"
He neighs like a horse, but doesn't do so when asked what a horse says.

It is an adventure to see and hear all the new things that he does. He is a joy!


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