Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nathanael: 18 months

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A few days ago, Nathanael hit his 18 month birthday.

Here's a report on the boy:

21.25 pounds
31.5 inches tall
He has 16 teeth

Eating: still breastfeeding. When he thinks it's time to nurse, he uses The Word - "Ba!" He also lays down on my arm and makes a fake laugh/haha/anticipation sound. I don't often take the hint during the day. Doesn't like the things E loves - PBJ sandwiches, oatmeal, turkey and cheese, bread. Totally loves the things she doesn't - vegetables, soups, non-plain meats, pico de gallo (raw unions, tomatos, jalepenos, lime, cilantro). He is very good at feeding himself with spoons and forks. Sometimes he gets tired of chasing his food with utensils and uses his hands. He is very good at drinking from a cup. He does not like food on his hands.  Or dirt, or anything else.

Sleeping: Co-sleeping - when we get a bit more space he'll be moved into his own bed.  We might be trying to find space before then, though - the boy is bed hog!  He takes one or two naps each day.

Traveling: He likes to "go" for a ride in the car, as long as it is short.  And as long as Mom is in the back seat with him on longer trips. He likes to ride around in baby carriers, and has been known to bring one to me when he wants a ride. Like the 4 wheeler, and climbs on any time we are in the garage.

Language: He says more than 30 words. He is quiet around new people, but flirts with them from the safety mom or dad.
Motor Skills:
Knows how to fuss. When he doesn't want to do something, he plants his feet, bends a little at the waist, and screws up his face in a fuss.  I hope to get the fussy face on camera at some point.

Knows how to open doors.  He likes to escape to the back yard and eat the strawberries and parsley from the planter.

Has figured out how to hit is sister.  They both love the spaceship grocery cart with two kid steering wheels. They both are constantly getting in each others face when riding in it, and there's much hand-flapping/girl fighting.

He also understands "no" and the 1-2-3 count.

He enjoys driving cars on things and people. He likes phones  -"lo" and putting a phone to someones ear.

He likes to slide down the steps on his belly, feet first. He dances, he tries to jump.

Personality: a funny guy.  Usually he does something during meal time that causes everyone to laugh.


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