Saturday, May 15, 2010


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Elizabeth has outgrown her red tricycle. Nathanael really want to ride the tricycle. It's time to get something new for the girl.

So, we were in at the Wal-Mart, and I thought I'd see if there was a bike that fit her. Low and behold, it became clear she REALLY was too big for the trike. The 12" bike was just right!

But as we were looking, we saw that there weren't any gender-neutral bikes. There were "girl" bikes, and "boy" bikes.

If I had to pick, I'd probably pick a boy bike, as those tend to be in reds, blues and yellows. They also have black tires. The girl bikes, they have white tires. Dead giveaway that it is a girl bike.

Whatever happened to just a bike, without licensed characters, or obviously gendered colors? Do we just have to wait until we are adults to find a generic green or maroon bike?

Jude was unwilling to purchase a new girl bike, and then be in the the situation of handing it down to Nathanael in just a few years, before the bike even gets worn out. Cheap or free, and a pink bike with white tires becomes a more acceptable choice.

After considering it for a while, we thought it would be more reasonable to look around and find a good quality, used bike. Kids bikes are outgrown so quickly, I would imagine they are easy to find at sales. Considering that we don't go riding very frequently, it's a hard thing to consider buying something new that will likely be used a few time, then outgrown. I know I didn't have a new bike until Jude bought me one after we were married. If I can survive the world without having a new bike, I should think my kids would be just fine, too.

I hold on to a hope that one day we will get a bike trailer, and then when we go out on camping trips (I hope to go camping at least 2 times this summer), we can take short rides around the camping area.


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