Wednesday, May 19, 2010

NTDI: episode 3 - like a bed full of troubled water

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Another night time diaper failure. It's a set up I used successfully in the past few weeks, so I'm hoping it was a fluke. N was in a BG OS diaper stuffed with a regular microfiber insert and 2 newborn inserts. Stink wasn't so much the problem (although there was some stink, just not a lot), but the diaper leaked. Or maybe wicked. I Don't know. But his night shirt was wet at the waist, and the bed was wet. The diaper was damp, but by no means soaked. I think it might be more repelling, which really just means that repelling is more insidious than I had first understood. Boo. Again, these diapers are just fine during the day.

Theory: the diapers do repel some, but when worn during the day, they aren't stuffed as much, and they are a snug(ger) fit, so there is no gap at the leg for urine to leak out. That means the urine has time to soak in.

An update on some recent stink-free nights: One thing I did when I did the oxyclean soak was to sun the diapers, for a very long time. I took them straight out of the oxyclean soak, and laid them flat out on the rails of the deck so they could have full sun for a number of hours. I flipped them occasionally to ensure both sides had the benefit of the sun. Some people think that the sun does a better job at getting the smell out (because of the way it can kill bacteria - side note: check out this - you can purify water in a clear plastic water bottle by setting it in the sun on reflective metal for 6 hours!) It could be combo of sun and oxyclean, or just one of them that really got the smell out. I should have managed my investigation a little better.


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