Tuesday, May 18, 2010

organic produce helps us stay helathy

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There is more confirmation on why we should eat organic and local: to help our kids avoid ADHD.

This study about the relation between pesticides and ADHD
suggested that the kids who had higher levels of pesticide metaoblites in their urine were up to two times as likely to be diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactive disorder.

I have been making an effort in my life to buy my produce organically. Even in my rural area, I can find some of the Dirty Dozen (the 12 items of produce with the most pesticides) in organic form. I've taken to keeping the wallet guide in the front cover of my coupon binder, right next to my grocery list. It keeps it easily visible and serves as a reminder that sometimes, even though the cash cost might be cheap for some produce, the health cost of consuming excessive pesticides might be more that I want to pay with my health, or my kids' health.

The pesticide load in our fruits and vegetables, and the lack of availability of some of those items in organic form is a great reason to start an organic garden. My container garden is organic. I used organic potting soil and I have organic plant food. I wonder if using plastic containers that probably are off-gassing VOC's is doing me much good, but it's a place to start.


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