Monday, May 24, 2010

NTDI: episode 4 - the sweet smell of success

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My kids have been in cloth every night for about 2 weeks!

My hiney was saved by some extra-large toddler sized prefolds and larger covers for Elizabeth. She is actually only in diapers for night time and nap-time, and has been doing quite well for the past 2 weeks. It really has eased up my diaper washing to have her wearing just 2 diapers a day! Sometimes there is a very strong ammonia smell, but I think that might have more to do with her intake than it does with the diapers. Just a theory, though.

Nathanael has been in pocket diapers, sometimes stuffed with a prefold, or like last night, with a couple of microfiber inserts. No noxious odors there, so I feel a happy dance coming on.

I'm not sure what has gotten me here, though - I oxycleaned, I sunned, I used calgon (take me away!). Maybe all of it. I've been doing lots and lots of rinses (that ouches in the aquifer). I'm hopeful that since I appear to have gotten the stinkies out, that I can go back to our regularly scheduled washing. Perhaps I can get away with doing a maintenance routine every few weeks that will help keep the smell at bay.


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