Monday, May 17, 2010

NTDI: episode 2

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Success! And Failure. All in the same episode.

Failure first, though. I thought I'd give a try at using a different pocket diaper at night, just to test it out. I've historically used BumGenius One Size pocket diapers, and I've had 3 OneSize FuzziBuns (With Snaps! And elastic adustment that is guaranteed, and easily replaceable!) I bought the FuzziBunz at the same time as the BumGenius, about a year ago, but since I hadn't been cloth diapering at night, had never given them a try. I was curious how well they would fit with extra overnight stuffing.

I was disappointed to discover, oh so very disappointed at 2 in the morning, that they repel. I was surprised. And wet. The absorbent inserts (a simple prefold with a hemp doubler) was practically dry. The next day, I used a nose aspirator to verify the repelling issue. Indeed, the water beaded up, and ran off the edge of the diaper, with barely any being absorbed into the inserts. I've used these diaper during the day with no problem so I'm really not clear on why the repelling would show up at night. No problem with the BumGenius diapers, which are washed the same way as the Fuzzbunz diapers. The FuzziBunz are fleece lined diapers, and the BumGenius are suedecloth lined, so maybe that make a difference. We'll be pursuing this line of investigation soon.

Back to the original issue of concern: the stinkies.

Success! At least for now. After doing an Oxyclean soak and lots and lots and lots (and lots) of rinses, I think that, just maybe, I may have gotten rid of the stink. I had Nathanel in a BG diaper stuffed with 2 microfiber inserts and one of the newborn sized inserts/doublers, and when he awoke in the morning, there was no more than the expected urine smell. No ammonia burning my nose hairs. Yay! Since I didn't do ALL of the diaper in the OxyClean, I expect that I may encounter more stink in the next couple of weeks. If the OxyCleaned microfiber inserts (which I have set aside in a pile so I can keep track for experimental purposes) consistently are stink free, then I intend to repeat the OxyClean soak on all the diapers in the future.


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