Monday, May 10, 2010


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Today Nathanael is being super-cute.

He's doing all kinds of normal, baby stuff, but still. Cute.

We say, "Dance, Nathanael!" and he grins and stomps his feet up and down as fast as he can.

He's mimicking sounds, but he's not saying the words he's repeating at other times. Whenever he sees or hears a dog, cat, or anything that looks like an animal, he makes a high-pitched barking kind of sound, "Oah! Oah! Oah!"

If I'm sitting in my computer chair (like now) and he wants my attention, he grabs the arm of the chair and pulls it so I swing around to face him. He quite strong. And insistent.

Everything still goes in the mouth first. We were at my cousin's house over the weekend, and Nathanael kept putting legos in his mouth. Remove them, and he'd go get more from the toy box.

WE love the sweet, cheesy grins. And it cracks us up when someone says how much he looks like one side of the family, only to have another person claim that for the other side just a few moments later. He looks like... Nathanael!


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