Wednesday, May 12, 2010

pine nuts

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I love the taste of pine nuts. I hate the after taste of pine nuts. I'm one of the unfortunates who gets a long lasting, distinctly bitter after tastes that shows up days after I eat pine nuts, and then lasts for days, even weeks.

I first discovered this last fall. I had heard about the wonderful flavor of pine nuts. And they were right. Yum! Then, and unleasant, unidentifiable taste in my mouth. I thought I was going crazy, or that I had some strange mouth problem. After some diligent research, I discovered the culprit. There's even a name for it - "pine mouth." And woe unto me.

So why did I choose to eat pine nuts again? To test a theory. Yes, me the human guinea pig. And my theory has been proven, yet again. At least I only ate a few, so the bitter taste isn't very strong.

I've read that if I can find pine nuts that come from somewhere other than China (something to do with the triglicerides being ever so slightly different in Chinese pine nuts), that I might be able to enjoy the flavor of pine nuts once again. Alas, none of my local stores carries such a thing.

Any suggestions of brands that don't come from China (or Russia, or Korea, as those are neighbors)?


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