Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday dinner

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We're not big "Sunday Dinner" kind of people. The noon meal tends to be thrown together, as we get home from church about 1 pm. The evening meal has often been a hurried affair, as Jude is often rushing off to do an evening meeting in at church.

I've tried to do slow cooker meals for Sunday, but have only succeeded in getting that done a few times.

Yesterday was a slow cooker success for me, even though we didn't eat until about 3 pm (we had a late brunch).

I had a beef chuck roast (one of about 12 sitting in my freezer). I was tired of pot roast with carrots, onions and potatoes. What to do? Oh, what to do! My one alternative that I could think of: Barbeque. I took the roast, put it in the pot, added some water and Bar-B-Que sauce and set it to cooking. It was actually fully cooked when we got home about 1:!5, but we weren't hungry just yet, and we decided to watch a movie. I shredded the beef up a bit and added some sauce and let it simmer for a while more to really distribute the flavor.

It was a simple and tasty meal (although not healthy, but kind of healthy):

Organic, local beef in Cookie's BBQ sauce (made in Iowa!) This is the only sauce on my local store shelves that didn't have HFCS or a host of artificial colors. It does have Sodium Benzoate and "Liquid Smoke."

Wheat sandwich buns (also without HFCS).

Store brand refrigerated Kosher dill pickles (surprisingly, the store brand didn't have artificial anything, while the name brand did).

Cape Cod Kettle Chips (no preservatives or artificial ingredients).

The healthy part is the lack of things on my "bad ingredients" list. The not healthy? Well, clearly shredded BBQ beef on buns with chips and pickles isn't the highlight of any healthy menu. But, Yum!

Any ideas on what to do with my remaining roasts?


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